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You can learn all about adding VAST ads to your videos in this guide – How to Use VAST/VPAID.

Non-skippable VAST ad in pre-roll

This is the only kind which works on iPhone and other devices which play video with built-in player. The skippable type requires a custom button and it can’t be added to the built-in player.


Skippable VAST ad in pre-roll

When it comes to mobile devices, this type will only play on iPad and Android 4 and later, but not on iPhone.

Burning Hula Hoop girl Dominika

Burning Hula Hoop girl Dominika

Skippable VAST ad in mid-roll at 0:30 and 2:00

The mid-roll ads need to be fixed for mobile devices.


Skippable VAST ad in post-roll

Same as midroll, except the time of the ad start is set on the last second of the video (midroll=”278″).


Multiple fallback Skippable VAST ads

Check the browser JavaScript console to see what’s happening behind the scenes. The first ad tag fails to load, so it tries again with the second ad tag.


Non-linear image/text/flash ad

This uses the Google AdSense test tag from their Integrate the Google IMA3 SDK into your player page.

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