Custom start and end time

You can learn how to add custom start and end time to your videos in this guide – How to Use Custom Start/End Time

  • RTMP stream

    This video has been set to start at 01:05 and finish at 01:16 of it’s original timeline therefore Allowing it to play for only 11 seconds.

    Following players start at 01:05.75 and 01:06 to illustrate that the decimal numbers don’t matter in RTMP playback

  • MP4

    This video starts at second 10 and ends at 15.

  • MP4 Playlist

    This shows use of a custom start/end time in a playlist of MP4 videos. The first video plays in the middle for 5 seconds, the second video for 2 seconds only.

  • YouTube Playlist

    The same can be done with a playlist of YouTube videos. First video plays for 3 seconds, the second video for 7.

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